The Euromillions lottery yields more millionaires


The 10th of August 2012 was not only a good day for Adrian and Gillian Bayford, it was also an astonishingly good night for fourteen other Euromillions tickets holders. While the Bayfords won the second highest Euromillions jackpot capped at € 190 million fourteen other players became millionaires as well.

Due to the excitement around the Euromillions jackpot that rolled fourteen draws in a row to hit the cap, more tickets were bought in the hope of winning the Jackpot. What happens when the draw hits the cap is that all additional revenue that goes into the prize pool is allocated towards the second tier prize.  This means that had there not been a Jackpot winner, the jackpot would have been distributed to the second tier winners who matched five winning numbers and one Lucky star.

The facts as they were on Friday the 10th are that The Bayfords took the Jackpot home and fourteen other ticket holders matched five numbers and one lucky star to each take  home  € 2.6 million. This is not a bad catch at all. One couple who won the second tier prize have announced that they are planning to spend more time with their parents as now work is not such a priority.

The couple managed to match the winning numbers from playing the birthdays, anniversaries and ages of his family members. Luckily, he got his wife’s age wrong and made them millionaires. This must be the only time such a mistake has worked in favor of a man.


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