The luckiest lottery players in Britain are builders

The luckiest lottery players

The lottery is a game based exclusively on chance, which means that your experience in the line of work, your profession and previous training make no difference. While these facts are accepted as self-evident even by those who think that there are various strategies that can be used to increase the chances to beat the odds, some statistics are worth looking at. Camelot is the National Lottery’s operator and it has recently revealed some interesting facts that might appeal to fervent lottery players.

Builders proudly lead the standings

Hard as it is to find a link between their profession and their success as lottery players, facts prove beyond any doubt that 2012 was an extraordinary year for builders. Men and women who are in this line of work have cashed in on most of the jackpots offered by the National Lottery in a year that made more than 300 millionaires. Impressive as these numbers are, they represent only a fraction of the money awarded as prizes by the National Lottery in the year that is coming to an end these days.

Actually in excess of £850million were distributed among those who matched more or less numbers on their lottery tickets. This makes it one of the most profitable year for British lotto players and gives them plenty of reasons to look forward with optimism for 2013. While builders are leading, administrators and care workers are within striking distance and it would come as no surprise if tables would turn next year.

Capricorn men are more likely to win

Camelot didn’t stop here by providing interesting statistics, and those who think that signs influence their chances of winning the lottery should keep reading. Capricorn is definitely the luckiest sign so if you were born after December 22 but no later than January 19, you have every reason to purchase lottery tickets. Superstitions go hand-in-hand with other lottery assumptions that are not based on reality, which makes perfect sense why players are keen to learn everything about them.

It also appears like men are luckier than women, as they have won more than 60% of lottery jackpots in the current year. One might argue that this is easy to explain by the fact that men are more tempted to gamble and take chances than women, but Camelot only provides the cold numbers. It is entirely up to the players to decide which might be the explanation behind the facts, but the only certainty is that you need to play first if you hope to win the jackpot. The national lottery has emerged 18 years ago and since then it has created over 3000 millionaires, while funding plenty good causes and charitable organizations.


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