The luckiest lottery winner in the world lives in Texas

Luckiest lottery winner

Lightning is said not to strike the same place twice, but then again statistics show that the chance of being hit by lightning is lower than winning a lottery jackpot. This makes it only fair to assume that lottery players shouldn’t expect to win the first prize twice in a row, and should be happy if they strike lucky even once. The 63 years old woman from Texas defied the statistics and is now officially the luckiest lottery winner in the world, after winning the first prize in the Texas Lottery four times in 20 years.

The success story started in 1993

There is no overstatement in saying that Joan Ginter is the luckiest lottery winner ever, as she enjoyed a 20 year run of lottery luck. Back in 1993 when she was 43 years old, she began playing the local Texas Lottery and she won $5.4 million in a game known as Lotto Texas. Unlike most winners who choose the lump payment, Joan opted for the annuity and had the amount equally divided into 20 shares. These were paid over a period of 19 years plus the initial installment and the money allowed her to focus on the good things in life without worrying about financial issues.

She kept a positive spirit and an optimistic attitude towards lottery and kept purchasing tickets, winning two more times and each time the prize consisted of an amount exceeding $1 million. The odds of winning once count in millions, so it comes as no surprise that people are fascinated each time she scores another hit. Perseverance paid off for Joan Ginter and her passion for scratch-off games didn’t go unrewarded as she won another main prize of $10 million.

Total prizes exceed $20 million

If we were to rank lottery winners based on the amount they scooped, Joan Ginter wouldn’t feature in a top 100 and she wouldn’t be regarded as the luckiest lottery winner for sure. Knowing that she chose to relocate to Las Vegas might prompt some people to assume that she is spending a considerable amount for gambling, which is not true. In fact she remains faithful to her favorite lottery and purchase tickets every time she returns home, as she feels a special connection with Texas lottery.

She chose to acquire the most recent winning tickets from Times Store in Corpus Christi Texas, a place where more than 1000 tickets are being sold every day. Bob Solis claims that this is a lucky place to buy lottery tickets and cites Joan’s success as evidence, with this argument being sufficient for many players. While she enjoys the title of the luckiest lottery winner in the world, Mrs. Ginter requested minimal publicity and refused to give any interviews to the media.

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