The lucky Easthampton player won lottery twice

David Czarnik won lottery twice

The odds of winning a lottery jackpot are so small that players don’t even dare to dream that one day they might be the ones to scoop the millions. The very rumor that someone won lottery twice is enough to trigger an unbridled enthusiasm among players and to make them want to hear the entire story. With an Easthampton player accomplishing this extraordinary performance, fellow players and the media alike are interested in how he did it. There are plenty of explanations ranging from common sense to mystical ones, but since players rarely win the lottery twice, they are worth exploring.

The store to buy tickets from

As if the coincidence of having the same player winning a lottery jackpot twice was not enough, the lucky player purchased the tickets from the same store. David Czarnik won $1 million almost five years ago in October 2008 after buying the lucky ticket for the $800 million giveaway. The store from where he got it has a long history as it was founded in the sixties and used to be known as College Highway Variety. The proximity to this lottery store was the main reason for why David chose it the first time, but it is only fair to assume that he had his motives to stick to this store.

Granted he must have bought many other tickets meanwhile and none of them were winners, he recently won another million. He’s one of the few players who have won the lottery twice and the fact that he scooped the same amount is what makes this case so interesting. This time he went to the former College Highway Variety to acquire a ticket for the 50X The Cash game and the odds were once again in his favor.

David Corbett added to the hall of fame

It looks like the store has a tradition of awarding large prizes and after a couple of people became millionaires as a result of  buying tickets here, a hall of fame set in place. It comes as no surprise that the one who won lottery twice has his very own place at the top of the list, as David Corbett is a name that store owners have all the reasons to promote. Many lottery players who are about to lose hope in their chances to win a significant prize can look towards their lucky peer and draw inspiration.

His name will stand next to other players who won tens of thousands of dollars as a result of purchasing tickets here and many assume that this store is luckier than others. The idea that tickets have a better chance of turning into winners if they are bought from a particular store makes no sense to many. On the other hand, the fact that someone won lottery twice after buying tickets from the same place will continue to fascinate people.

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