The magnificent seven who won $319 million in Mega Millions draw

Mega Millions

Seven IT workers from Albany County turned millionaires when they won the $319 million Mega Millions jackpot on Friday night. The lucky seven who suddenly saw their world changing in a flash are:

• John Hilton (57), North Greenbush, Rensselear County
• Gabrielle Mahar (29), Colonie, Albany County
• John Kutey (54), Green Island, Albany County
• Mike Barth (63), Bethlehem, Albany County
• Leon Peck (62), Johnstown, Fulton County
• Kristin Baldwin (42), Clifton Park, Saratoga County
• Tracy Sussman (41), Colonie, Albany County

The seven lottery winners appeared before the media for the first time this morning holding oversized posters of their winning ticket. The group also cut a large cake which resembled the winning ticket. One of the winners Mike Barth declared that they played for the jackpot for a long time. John Hilton said that for the weekend he had hidden the winning ticket in 2 plastic bags & a bucket of bird feed that he has in his basement. Hilton was also quoted as saying that they normally play when the jackpot hits the $100,000,000 mark & they also maintain a checklist of every particular drawing.
During the purchase of the winning ticket one man passed over Barth & bought the previous ticket, leaving Barth to buy the next one. It seems the lucky seven had some divine forces working for them. Now each of the winners will get a one time payment of $28,971,029 before state & Federal tax cuts. The net amount each member will ultimately have totals at $19,129,571.


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