Roy Cockrum Crowned The Newest Powerball Jackpot Winner, Taking Home a Solid $259.8 Million!

Powerball jackpot winner

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What would you do if you suddenly won $259.8 million? Scream? Run around? Buy things like there’s no tomorrow? Smoke weed like no-one’s business? I hear you! Most people buy holiday packages, fleets of cars, rows of houses, designer underwear, water buffalos, a piece of land on the moon, etc., what I’m saying is that most people already have high-class plans for a high-class life. But not this man; at least not yet, if you know what I mean!

We Wish You All the Best, Brother Roy!

As part of his membership with a religious organization, Tennessee native Roy Cockrum took several vows to be able to live a selfless life. He has vowed poverty, celibacy and obedience in an enduring fellowship. This means that no cars, no houses, no hanky panky, no women, no funky gifts, no leisure, no designer stuff… wow. Just wow. Money is the root cause of all evil, so would $259.8 million change anything? Thanks to the internet, we’ll definitely find out, we wish him all the best and here’s what golfer1960 had to say,

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Well, yes, if money comes with prayers, we’d all be best praying! Anyway, late last week Roy Cockrum, also known as Brother Roy at The Society of Saint John the Evangelist, banked a solid Powerball jackpot for a whopping $259.8 million and he declared that he would give a huge portion of his newfound richness to various charities and religious organizations. Roy was quoted saying that the only way to deal with cash tsunami was to vow poverty for a number of years… after which he would be found buying all the glittery stuff the money can promise; but that’s a different story for another day folks, don’t get the wrong idea!

Roy opted for the cash option and took home lump sum of a staggering $115 million. He has promised to help others in need and has also mentioned that as soon as he gives up 10% of his total amount as tithes, a majority of it will be used to establish a foundation that will support performing arts organizations across the country. Well, we caught mikeintexas saying,

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But Goteki54 had a different thought,

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Do Good and Get Good or $259.8 Million Powerball Jackpot

Let people do exactly what they’re good at, right? At a press conference, 58-year old Roy mentioned that he wasn’t expecting to win the Powerball jackpot and that the moment he first checked his ticket, he was attending to his sick mother. Do good, get good – karma plays its part here. Or was this the Lady Luck? He first thought he won $500, because he was in a hurry to take his mother to a medical appointment, he felt really lucky and blessed. But then his numbers began to match and finally he realized that he had hit the Powerball jackpot for a jaw dropping $259.8 million! Like in the movies, the earth began to shake, thunders roared, wind soared, the ground was swept away beneath his feet, although not literally (!) and he fell to his knees, looked up to the heavens, smiled and said, “Lord… have Mercy!” or something like that.

To that whiteballz said,

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Yes, but how come no one talks about celibacy? Oh wait a minute, here’s what mypiemaster had to say,

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Now that was a little harsh, don’t you think? Oh well… as soon as the drama was over, he got up, put the winning ticket in his wallet, took his mother for her medical appointment and waited hours before claiming the prize money.

Now What?

Now Cockrum has planned for his future too; he wishes to save enough money for a pension fund. Prior to being Brother Roy, Cockrum worked as an actor and stage manager for theatre and TV production for nearly 20 years! The Society of Saint John the Evangelist is an Episcopal religious community in Cambridge, Massachusetts. According to the community’s “Rule of Life”, members, like Brother Roy, take lifelong vows of poverty, celibacy and obedience. But one question baffled TNPATL,

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To which TheGameGrl responded by saying,

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Cockrum was born and raised in Knoxville and he graduated from West High School. In order to earn an acting degree at Northwestern University in Illinois, Roy left home and spent nearly 21 years in Illinois. After he received a call to religious service by the Society of Saint John the Evangelist he came back in 2009 to care for his aging parents and to become a member of the religious community. Here’s what hearsetrax had to say,

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We hope so too!


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