The Powerball Jackpot Prize rolls over to a whooping $200 million

Powerball Lottery draw

Yes, you heard it right! The Powerball lottery jackpot is now worth a staggering 200 million dollars! This is after none of the Powerball tickets matched the winning numbers from the weekend lottery draw. The winning numbers from the draw were 2-16-18-40-42 with the Powerball number being 33.

The rollover trend has continued ever since the August 15 Powerball draw when David Lawson scooped the $337 million jackpot. The ball is now in the Powerball players court as the world watches to see if the Wednesday jackpot draw will yield yet another multi millionaire.

Still on the Powerball lottery, five players were lucky to match five of the winning numbers from the draw to scoop the one million dollar tier. In addition to the million dollar winners, 797,998 players won a prize from the lottery draw.

On the UK lottery scene, the UK citizens have nothing but appreciation for the National lottery fund. The fund established in 1994, has supported several charitable initiatives in the country and has made a big difference in the lives of millions of UK residents.

The fund is responsible for the funding behind the successful London Olympics game after a £2.2 million and £66 million for the Olympic and Paralympics  games respectively. In addition to this, the national lottery fund financially supported athletes in preparation for the London games.

The lottery fund has recently allocated £31 million for a poverty eradication program. The National lottery has managed to put into practice the idea that playing the lottery indeed makes everyone a winner.


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