The Saturday Lotto Yields Six Jackpot Winners

Saturday Lotto

Last week it was in the news that the Saturday lotto had three jackpot winners but this number later doubled to six. This is in the recent development that three new lottery players came forward with claims of possessing the winning lottery tickets. After the verification of the claims, the £3,953,430 jackpot prize was to be divided among the six jackpot winners.

This implies that each jackpot winner will now walk home with £658,905. Although this is a significantly lower Saturday lotto jackpot price to win, the winners have something to smile about as this week jackpot ticket is worth £7,467 more than last week’s jackpot ticket.

The Saturday lotto numbers that made them made the players £658,905 richer were 01, 03, 12, 23, 37 and 43 while the bonus ball was 33. Another twenty-three lottery tickets matched five of the winning numbers and the bonus ball and each went home with £52,888 as second tier prize money.

About 593 of the lottery players matched only five of the winning numbers and they each won £1,282. An accumulative total of 605,003 lottery players matched five or four numbers and they each took home £51 or £10 respectively. Next week Saturday Lotto will be worth about £2.2 million and you can try testing your luck by playing it here.

While the Saturday lotto had an overflow of winners, the EuroMillions was a complete opposite. No EuroMillions lottery players managed to match the winning numbers. Only three tickets matched five of the winning numbers plus the bonus ball and each ticket got £402,933 as the second tier prize.


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