The wife of poisoned lottery winner is seeking truth

Poisoned lottery winner

The tragic news of a Chicago lottery winner dying from cyanide poisoning is all over the news, but for his 32 years old wife, it is a very painful reality. Shabana Ansari said that she is ready to aid the investigation in every possible way and she will fully cooperate with the authorities in their attempt to unveil the truth. Urooj Khan succumbed after claiming the jackpot and just before the money were transferred into his account, raising plenty of questions about whom would want him dead.

The dream turns into a nightmare

The day Mr. Khan won the $1 million jackpot, was perhaps the happiest day in his life as the Indian immigrant was in dire need of money. After taxation he would have received half $1 million, more than enough to pay his mortgage, cover all his debts and even donate to St. Jude Children’s Research Center. What happened next was unexpected, as he felt sick after having dinner with his family and during the same night he was transported to a local hospital where he soon died.

Initially the doctors concluded that Khan’s unexpected death was the result of a rather frequent condition known as arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease. This is why no autopsy was performed and with the toxicology reports not indicating the presence of any drugs, very few people were doubting the fact that Urooj died of natural causes. Immediately after he was buried, a relative whose identity is yet to be revealed requested the doctors to perform an in-depth examination. This is how everything started.

Lottery winners that clearly homicide

What the final results showed was beyond any doubt, and the authorities are now officially regarding his death as a homicide. Since he didn’t actually receive the money before he died, the $425,000 is tied up which creates a very complicated situation for his surviving spouse. Ansari said that she hopes that the truth will come out eventually, but confessed that she was not the relative to request the doctors to perform the in-depth examination. The authorities will probably wait a bit longer until informing the media about who was the relative who made the aforementioned request.

Investigators are looking at all possible leads and they are confident that it is only a matter of time until the one responsible will be brought to justice. Both Mr. Khan’s wife and his close relatives and friends said that he had no enemies and work hard for every dollar he had, so they can’t speculate about who would want him dead. Just when Urooj’s life was about to take a turn for the better, tragedy struck and what began as a dream turned into a nightmare for both the winner and his family.


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