Three Jackpot Winners for the UK Lotto draw

UK Lotto

Just hardly a week after two players won the £7 Millions UK Lotto jackpot, the Wednesday’s day yielded another three jackpot winners. The jackpot prize for the Wednesay draw was at its basic hence each of the winners will receive an equal share of the £3,900,000 UK lotto jackpot.

The winning numbers from the draw were 18-22-25-35-39 and 41 while the bonus ball number was 31.A quick analysis of the winning numbers shows a unique trend for the UK Lotto winning numbers. In the past ten draws, the numbers range 40-49 has never missed a spot in the winning numbers from the draw. Another ‘hot’ number is 31, which has appeared twice in the last ten draws.

Apart from the three jackpot winners, one ticket matched five of the winning numbers plus the bonus ball to win the second tier price of £790,744. The second tier winner will receive just £65,000 than the Jackpot winner prize of £856,640. To add this up, 11,660 UK Lotto players will receive the third tier prize of £93.

With the Wednesday draw yielding a jackpot winner, the UK lotto will go back to basic. Therefore, for the Saturday draw, Camelot estimates that the jackpot prize will be at £4.1 million. UK lotto players will have to keep their fingers crossed and hope that this time round the UK Lotto they will match the winning numbers and strike it rich. This call for you to have your ticket ready as you may never know if the Saturday’s jackpot has your name all over it.


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