Top Charities to raise funds through the Lottery

Lottery Charity

This past week has seen mixed reactions as the Euromillions jackpot rolled over once again. None of the ticket holders were able to match the requisite numbers to win the jackpot. However the UK Lotto’s first draw of the month held on Wednesday night saw one lucky ticket holder win the jackpot of slightly over 2 million pounds. Although the prize is yet to be collected congratulations are in order.

The week also saw many top charities and organizations that use the lottery to raise funds for their projects come up with better prizes to be won by their supporters. The Rowans Hospice increased its weekly draw winnings from £750 to £1,000. Although the lottery just costs £1 a week to join the Hospice is hoping to increase its membership by increasing the prize that is up for grabs.

Caudwell Children a leading children’s charity were not to be left behind. They launched a lucky 7 lottery with a potential win of up to £10,000. And the fun part is that you get to buy a ticket for only one pound. The money raised will be split between the Port Vale Youth Development program and Caudwell Children which supports disabled and sick children.

The joy of taking part in charity lotteries is that should you buy a winning ticket, you get a double win by supporting a worthy cause and winning some money. So if you live in the Portsmouth, North East Hampshire or Staffordshire support a good cause and buy a ticket.


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