Triple rollover Jackpot for EuroMillions with no winner this Friday

EuroMillions Don't Stop Believin

The EuroMillions had its draw this Friday the 21st, October. This offered a triple rollover jackpot that was a staggering amount of £41 million as there were no first place winners for the Tuesday draw. Neither the Lucky Star numbers nor the main numbers had matched. This jackpot is historically one of the biggest amounts offered. The EuroMillions Lottery winning numbers for the Friday draw was: 2, 19, 33, 37, 46 and the lucky numbers were 05, 08. For the past three draws there have been no winners. With the advent of no winner for this Friday draw as well, the jackpot as now increased to a whooping £47 million. This means that even if there is a lottery syndicate playing, it would mean £8.2 million personal fortune each.

There have been secondary winners of the EuroMillions jackpot, nonetheless. Two tickets with five numbers matching and a lucky number has resulted in £407,335 win of prize money and another with a fortune of £97,368 of which four tickets have matched. The latter four tickets did not belong to a UK resident and hence could not collect the cash prize. However, one U.K player did possess the winning numbers and was provided with the cash prize.

The triple rollover jackpot will now result in several players buying multiple tickets so as to win the jackpot. Most overdue numbers that are predicted to be part of the next draw on Tuesday are 43, 11, 41, 11, 03 and the lucky numbers are 04, 07.


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