Two lucky people who won the midweek Lotto Jackpot at UK lottery

UK Lottery

The UK Lottery News this week is about two lucky people who won the midweek Lotto Jackpot. Some say it was a very small Jackpot but people in theUK Lottery News figure that a jackpot of 2.6 million is not actually an amount to be scoffed at. This means that the two lucky guys will have more than a million pounds each to take home. This money will certainly ensure that their life is prosperous and secure.

The exact amount of the draw was 2,686,864 pounds. Taking into consideration all the other prizes a stunning 8 million pounds were paid in the mid week Lotto Jackpot draw. The surprise award was in the five and the bonus category. Only three people shared this number and the UK Lottery News feels that this is a surprisingly small number of lottery winners. This is the reason each of these three will take home a big prize of 275,575 pounds in the five and bonus draw. This is only a second level prize and the individual prize is rather larger than the usual because so few people have shared it in the end. The next UK Lottery News is that the jackpot on Saturday in Lotto will be 4.4 million pounds, so good luck and have a winning streak.


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