Two Tickets Scoop the £21, 600,000 EuroMillions Jackpot

The Euromillions Draw

What an exciting week it has been in the lottery world here in the UK? Jackpots were won in both lotto and Euromillions games last Friday and Saturday. There were three winning tickets involved. Two tickets won the Euromillions jackpot sharing the spoils worth over £21, 600,000 on Friday. The others got to hit the lotto jackpot solo milking it a good £21,629,100 on Saturday.

This can only mean one thing, both jackpots will be reset. Draws coming up in the middle of the week this Tuesday and Wednesday will offer jackpots to a tune of £12 million and £2.2 million respectively.

So, now onto to the numbers, last Friday numbers 10,22,27,38 and 48 were drawn by Euromillions. The numbers 03 and 07 appeared as the lucky stars. Six tickets got lucky considering the second tier prize level. Each of these tickets got away with £209,152 simply by matching the five numbers and having one of the lucky stars. There were another 17 tickets matching 5 main numbers getting away with a nice £24,606 each.

The millionaire raffle number was PSY036130 given to whoever who had this printed on his or her ticket.

The main numbers drawn on Saturday were 03, 19,21,37,40 and 49 the bonus ball bearing the number 35. This was in the lotto. Of course, if you had these numbers, you would be the jackpot winner. Four tickets had a brush with the jackpot getting right five of the six numbers plus the bonus ball. For their efforts, they were awarded £332,667 as a result. 439 tickets won £1,894 by matching five main numbers and 490,469 tickets won £74 or £10 by predicting four or three main numbers correct.

So, keep your ticket close, and your fingers crossed for you never know who is next!


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