Two tickets win $61 million Mega Millions jackpot

Mega Millions winner

Tuesday night’s Mega Millions made two people $30 million richer, as they will split the total jackpot of $61 million after correctly predicting the 13-37-40-46-52 numbers plus the Mega Ball 29. One of the tickets was bought in Fresno California, but the winner decided not to reveal his identity therefore we don’t know much about him. The other winner comes from Hyannis, where Sandeep “Sunny” Singh bought the lucky ticket at AM/PM Convenience at 489 Bearses Way. In fact his sister bought it for him.

Family comes first

If it wasn’t for his careful sister to personally acquire the tickets on behalf of his brother, the jackpot would’ve gone entirely to California. This explains why Sandeep said that he will take care of his family first with the money he won and buy a nice place for them to stay. He wouldn’t describe himself as a hardcore lottery player and the only win he recorded recently was a $4 scratch ticket. Despite being very surprised and overwhelmed with joy for winning the jackpot, he remains grounded and realistic.

His decision of putting in his notice to Citizens Bank and Best Buy makes perfect sense, as his intention is to return to college. The young man was working double shifts trying to raise enough money to cover tuition costs, without resorting to student loans. Now that he has the money to pursue a college degree, Sandeep remains just as committed as ever and there was no change of plans. Given his determination and newfound fortune, the odds are stacked in his favor to succeed in getting his bachelors degree.

Unlucky in love, lucky in…lottery

The impressive lottery winning comes only a few days after Sandeep “Sunny” Singh’ girlfriend left him, and the young man says that he was very depressed by that event. Nevertheless, he has an excellent premise of starting anew and those who knew him would say that thanks to his personality he will quickly be back on track. The money will surely make things easier, although Singh said that the number one priority is education and family.

He chose the lump amount, which means that after taxation the lucky winner will end up with roughly $16 million, a bit over half of his prize. The owner of the AM/PM Convenience is surely happy for one of his customers winning the big prize as he will be awarded a $50,000 as commission. It is the highest reward of this type ever awarded in Massachusetts for selling the winning lottery ticket, slightly higher than the one granted when Candido Oliveira won the $32 million last year.


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