Two women battle in court over a million-dollar lottery ticket

Million-dollar lottery ticket

What will be your reaction if you found a million dollar lottery ticket in a trash can? By human instinct, it will be logical for you to assume the ownership of the ticket and cash in the winnings. This is exactly what Sharon Jones, an Arkansas resident did. She was going through her usual routine of going through discarded lottery tickets when she spotted a million-dollar lottery ticket. She cashed in the lottery ticket for a cool sum of one million dollars.

Later the ‘first’ owner, Sharon Duncan, got to know of this and decided that she wouldn’t let go of the ticket without a fight. She took the case to court to seek redress for the matter. She urges that she only threw the ticket after the ticket scanner read out that the ticket hadn’t won any price. She blames the negligence of the lottery vendor rather than herself for the misfortune.

The judge presiding the case has decided that indeed Sharon Jones had no claim to the money as the ticket still belonged to Sharon Duncan. With this ruling, Jones will have to give back the lottery winnings to Duncan. Sharon Jones plans to appeal the ruling as she claims that she has already used part of her winnings and hence cannot afford to pay back the one million dollar.

Arkansas lottery officials testified against any wrongdoing as everything about the lottery ticket added up. There was nothing that was against awarding the Million dollar prize to Sharon Jones. The appeal of the case will sort out the complicated case and figure out who finally gets the lottery winnings


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