The UK National Lottery has created 2500 new millionaires in the UK

UK National Lottery

The National Lottery News has discovered that although Lotto is the brand name of the lottery in the UK people still prefer to call it the National Lottery. The new name Lotto was adopted to stem falling sales and refurbish the image of the National Lottery. The attempt has obviously succeeded because lotteries are doing very well now in the United Kingdom. As with many British Institutions a part of the revenue from the lottery sales goes to public works or ‘good causes’.

Till last year the National Lottery had created 2500 millionaires in the United Kingdom. The Lotto draw is followed very avidly on the television through the BBC as discovered by the National Lottery News. A typical British touch is given to the Lotto draws by naming the machines that pick the numbers after the heroes from the era of King Arthur. Thus the National Lottery News was delighted to discover machines named Guinevere, Galahad, Lancelot, Merlin and Arthur.

In the United Kingdom players have to be of the age of sixteen to participate in the UK National Lottery. The National Lottery News discovers that the lottery can only be won if you have a British address and a British bank account. The current popular games are Lotto, Thunderball and EuroMillions. Daily variations and scratch cards are also available learns the National Lottery News.


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