Unclaimed £1 Million raffle prize directed to the charity fund

It has been six months since Camelot announced a million pound prize from a November  Euromillions raffle draw. With the six months now officially over, Camelot says that it will direct the million-pound prize but the total accumulated interest to the National Lottery charity fund.

This means that there is a lucky lotto winner who has let go of the once in a lifetime chance of being part of the exclusive jackpot winners club. Camelot has been for the past six months for lottery players to check and recheck their lottery tickets so that winners can be united with their prizes. Camelot was yet to get the identity of the mysterious lottery winner apart from the information showing the ticket was purchased from a lottery agent in North Ayrshire.

Still on the EuroMillions lottery game, the epic Euromillions € 132,000,000 is slated for tonight. It is going to be a special draw for avid lottery players due to the fact that none of the EuroMillions lottery tickets matched the numbers from the last ten draws. Players will have to keep their fingers crossed and hope that this time round the enormous jackpot prize will fall into the hands of the players.

Lottery players are also in for some fun as tomorrow is the draw date for the $177,000,000 US Powerball draw. Just like the EuroMillions lottery, the US Powerball has gone through a series of rollovers to culminate in its current size.  It will be all eyes on tomorrow’s draw to see whether the popular inter state lottery will deliver a jackpot winner.


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