Unclaimed Lottery Jackpot Prize is $2M Less

Hot Lotto

December 29 is the last deadline for the winner to claim the lottery jackpot prize that initially amounted to $16.5M.

It was on the same day on December 2010 when Iowa Lottery had announced the winning ticket for its Hot Lottery draw. Since then, no one has claimed the price yet. The chief operating officer, Terry Rich, had stated that the winning ticket was purchased at a convenience store in Des Moines. Other than that, they prefer not to disclose any more information like the day and time of purchase for security purposes.

Despite of being aggressive in requesting the people to double check their tickets, Rich had also informed the public that the original winning prize will go down to $14.4 M as a result of the low interest rates experienced at the moment. Even though the slashed amount is big, the unclaimed prize is still sure to change the life of the winner.

However, Iowa Lottery had given December 29 4pm to be the last chance of claiming the price, if it remains unclaimed, the amount will be distributed to the 15 lottery outlets that offer Hot Lotto. The distribution will depend on the percentage of sales of each state.

Rich humbly confirmed the difficulties they are encountering in the giving of cash prizes. Iowa Lottery is not exempted from the financial crisis that the whole world is facing now, but they are finding ways on properly giving the prizes to the winners. They can choose from a lump sum payment or annual payoffs of their winnings.

As of now, there is still no sign of the winner of the December 29 2010 Hot Lotto jackpot prize. The chances given to claim the price is already enough and as the time runs out, more Hot Lotto outlets are excited to receive the corresponding amount as an incentive.


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