Unclaimed lottery prizes for May in UK

UK unclaimed

Finally someone has come forward to claim his or her share of 4.1 million pounds of the UK National Lottery Jackpot draw that was held almost a fortnight ago. It finally took a national appeal on part of the lottery authorities to make this person come forward to claim his prize. But it seems that still there are many unclaimed lottery prizes lying with the lottery companies in the UK.

A Euromillions lottery ticket holder in the UK has still not claimed his prize of 103,301 pounds, which he won at the 20th November Euromillions draw by matching five main balls & one lucky star. The ticket for that prize was sold in North Devon & it will expire on May 19th leaving the winner a couple of weeks to claim his prize.

A UK National Lottery Ticket sold in Bradford won 91,276 pounds in the 18th November draw & the owner of that ticket is still to claim his prize. The ticket won the prize by matching five main balls & one bonus ball. The winner has till 17th May to claim his prize.

Finally, a UK National Lottery jackpot worth 850,513 pounds is still lying with the lottery owners. The lucky ticket won the prize on 25th November lottery draw & the owner of the ticket has till May 24th to claim his prize. The ticket was sold in Hastings or Bexhill Area & it won the prize by matching all 6 lucky numbers.


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