Unique results for pick 4 evening draw

Draw results in South Carolina lottery had a quad. This is the first time in the history of Carolina lottery to have such a result in the pick four lottery games. The result seemed strange because this has never been anticipated. Quad combination refers to a state where the results of the draw i.e. the winning number have similar four digits.

In this week’s draw, the pick four results were 2-2-2-2. This is the first time to have such a combination. Such combination has popped- up thrice during the midday draws but never have they been seen in the evening draws. This was the very first time.

According to the result of the pick 4 lottery the winners would receive their award ranging from $2500 to $5000. This depends on the cost incurred on purchasing the lottery ticket.

Claims were made when the draw result were out to SCEL, the lottery claim center in Colombia. The winner had different opinions on why they decided to select the Quod number. These claims were done on Tuesday by the different winners at the claim center.

Why decide to play the Quod numbers? One of the winners was a woman who said she had dreamt of the number for quite some time. She had an easy time to selecting of the lottery number she said. Another winner did the same thing, but her reasons were differing. She told the Holli Armstrong that she got the idea of picking the numbers from a friend.

A man in that crowed confessed he was not sure what made him chose the numbers, but it was his first time to pick them. The pick four winners had something that added smile on their faces.


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