No Powerball jackpot winner, but 7 lucky second place winners chosen

US Powerball

This Thursday, 17th November saw no Lottery jackpot winners for the Powerball. But that did not take away from the joy of seven lucky players who matched the first five numbers for a whopping $200,000! The five lucky players who won the coveted second prize, of the Powerball lottery were from the following different states: 1. Connecticut, 2. Michigan, 3. Illinois, 4. Maryland, 5. New Jersey, 6. Southern Carolina, 7. Tennessee.

The jackpot number was and the magic Powerball number was 28. An interesting piece of information is that New Jersey is one of the states that often ranks bottom on list of winners, the New Jersey winner this week was lucky indeed!

Powerball can be played in forty four jurisdictions and online! With an incentive to win almost 117 million dollars in jackpot, the US Powerball is the most coveted lottery, there is.


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