USA Mega Millions winner offers generous present

USA Mega Millions

Most lottery players are in a very generous mood at the time they purchase the tickets, and promise great things when asked what they plan on doing with potential payouts. In most cases, they don’t get to test their character because the lucky numbers will evade them but there are occasions when they match all the numbers and win the jackpot. This happened to Max Coronado who won the USA Mega Millions and promised the employee at the Howards Mini Mart in Bakersfield where the ticket was bought that if he wins he will give her a $10,000 check to visit her relatives in South Korea.

One number shy of $106 million

The USA Mega Millions was rolled over twice before Max Coronado matched five numbers and so it climbed above $100 million. The California resident came painfully close to winning the big prize but since he matched only five of the six numbers, he will have to settle for a bit over $1.5 million. This makes it interesting to see whether he will stand by his words and present the lottery clerk with the $10,000 check or if he will say that the offer only applied to winning the jackpot.

What is certain is that Sue Park, the owner of the store where he bought the winning ticket is very confident that Max will not let her down. Nevertheless, she doesn’t get her hopes to high up and claims that regardless of what he decides, she will be happy for him and there will be no hard feelings. As for the player, he used to purchase tickets on a weekly basis spending $80 on average, hoping that one day he will win the USA Mega Millions jackpot.

An interesting business proposition

Each time Max Coronado went to the Howards Mini Mart in Bakersfield shop to buy tickets he told Sue that if he wins the USA Mega Millions the two of them would open a Taco Bell in Korea. Granted he now has the money to start this venture if he wants to, Mrs. Park says that it is highly unlikely for retired senior to get involved into something like this. On the other hand, it would come as no surprise if he would hold his end of the bargain and present her with the $10,000 check to cover a trip to her country.

He has a tradition of generosity, giving Sue’s daughter a $10 tip after winning $100 in a previous draw, so awarding $10,000 now that he won $1.56 million would only come naturally. The five numbers he matched were 2, 12, 11, 54 and 56 while missing Mega number 1 and that’s why he won just 1% of the total jackpot.

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