Vietnamese refugee wins Lucky for Life lottery

Lucky for Life lottery

34 years ago when Duc Phan fled Vietnam on board of an overcrowded fishing boat, he realized that he is very lucky to make it out of the country and into the USA. The Vietnamese knows all too well which are the truly important things in life and wouldn’t make a great deal of an insignificant event. Even so, winning the Lucky for Life lottery and having an income of $2500 per week guaranteed for the next 25 years is something worth celebrating.

Five dollar ticket wins $3.25 million jackpot

It is not a stereotype or a misconception that Asian people are big fans of gambling and that some of them are superstitious. Duc Phan is by no means a high roller or a lottery addict, but he found it worth spending five dollars on a Lucky for Life lottery ticket. High temperatures and a long drive were the arguments in favor of pulling the car over to purchase a scratch off ticket at the Super Liquor and Food store.

The beauty of these lotteries is that you can find right away whether Lady Luck smiled benevolently upon you or not. That’s exactly what Duc Phan did as he scratched off his lottery ticket under the shade of a tree, only to discover that he won the main prize. He knew right away that he was the lucky winner of a guaranteed income when the first thing he saw was the word “life”. Scratching the remainder of the ticket confirmed his assumption, but that didn’t prevent him from returning back to work to finish his shift.

Money put to good use

The most recent winner of the Lucky for Life lottery works as an auto shop worker in San Jose and he found it natural to return to his job after scratching of the ticket. Initially he thought it would be safe to tell a coworker about his good fortune, but then convinced his friend to keep quiet and stop spreading the news. He patiently waited for his shift to end before returning home, all the time keeping the lucky lottery ticket in his pocket.

Upon his arrival home, the father of two told his family that this was truly a formidable day and that they are millionaires. Although they are now rich and can afford to splash out to bit, Phan told the media that he will stay grounded and make only reasonable expenses. He still remembers the day he left Vietnam and says that he will use a portion of the money to return to the country he left in such a hurry and at such high risks. The rest of the money will be spent on purchasing a house, a vehicle and for putting his children through college.

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