Waitress wins $1 million jackpot in the North Carolina lottery

North Carolina lottery

Sometimes good things come to those who wait, and for a lucky Bunn waitress this phrase rings particularly true. Obviously, she wouldn’t have become a millionaire in the North Carolina lottery if she would’ve waited at home for something good to come her way. Instead, she made the minimal effort of purchasing lottery tickets after her shift ended and discovered with satisfaction that the scratch off game made her a millionaire.

A jump start for a lucky couple

Katie Wheless will get married in a matter of months and it goes without saying that winning $1 million in the North Carolina lottery represents the ultimate wedding present. The lucky couple can use the money to purchase a home, although Katie told the media that for the time being they only decided to buy two cars. It is a small step forward for the waitress but this investment will not set them back too much, with enough money waiting for them in her bank account.

Many lottery players choose to invest a sizable amount of the money in properties and this applies to younger couples. Very few can afford to make a down payment for a home but Katie and her fiancé are among those lucky few who can purchase a property instead of renting or applying for a bank credit. The waitress didn’t say whether she plans on returning to work after taking a brief vacation or if she envisions a change in her career. Statistics point out that only a small fraction of lottery winners return to work, and most of them do it on those rare cases when the job brings them personal rather than financial satisfaction.

A popular scratch off game in North Carolina

Katie Wheless didn’t buy a regular North Carolina lottery ticket, but instead chose to purchase a scratch off ticket for a chance to win a prize right away. The Monopoly scratch-off game organized by the state lottery is very popular among North Carolina residents, despite the fact that one such ticket costs $10. Katie describes herself as a casual lottery player who rarely invests more than $20 in tickets, but on that particular day the two Monopoly cards were more than enough to make her a millionaire.

The waitress didn’t go out of her way to purchase the tickets but picked them up at an Eagle Mart on Bickett Boulevard while at shopping. The first ticket was also a winner and Katie felt pretty good about winning $15, but nothing prepared her for the surprise and excitement generated by the second ticket. She won $1 million and asked the North Carolina lottery to make a lump payment of $600,000 after taxes instead of opting in for the 20 year annuity of $50,000 per year.

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