Western Australian wins $22 million Oz Lotto jackpot

Oz Lotto jackpot

Lottery players in Western Australia were particularly lucky in August, as several big jackpots were awarded in the last couple of weeks. To top it off, another Oz Lotto jackpot was scooped by a player whose identity is yet unknown and for his achievement he was presented with a prize of $22 million.

The third largest Division 1 Oz Lotto jackpot

Oz Lotto has a tradition of making millionaires, but not too often it happens for a single player to win the entire prize pool. That’s exactly what happened last week when all of those $22 million went to a single player who matched all the numbers. Unlike Powerball or Mega Million drawings where the media hypes up the event whenever the jackpot is inching closer to record levels, nobody expected a record to be broken. Granted the recent Division One payment is only the third largest in the lottery’s history, it is still an amount that is significantly higher than regular payouts.

One explanation for this occurrence is that state residents were encouraged by the performance of their neighbors who won big this August. As a result, the number of tickets sold exceeded expectations and this led to a boosted prize pool of $22 million. Furthermore, the numbers were uncommon enough to have a single winner so the Oz Lotto jackpot was not divided among several players. Until the identity of the winner will be revealed, we can only speculate whether he chose the Quick Pick option or selected the numbers himself.

2013 is a great year for Oz Lotto players

Only three times in the lottery’s history the Oz Lotto jackpot exceeded $20 million and what’s impressive is the fact that two of those prizes were awarded this year. Several months ago, in February a Noranda family won a Powerball prize worth $20 million and three months later, a player from Esperance Goldfields took home another $10 million. The winning streak didn’t end there, because just a couple of weeks before the Western Australian won these $22 million, a player from Perth fell just $2 million short of matching his performance.

Western Australia lottery officials are thrilled with the achievements of their players and said that they expect the number of sold tickets to surge. The numbers are staggering and as a result of a player winning the Oz Lotto jackpot the total amount won over the last week surpassed $25 million. Back in 2001 and then again in 2007, two lucky players won $30 million and to this date the record remains unbroken. As the interest for the state’s lottery is on the rise, it is only fair to expect new records to be set in 2014, although it would come as no surprise if another lucky Australian would cross that threshold in 2013.

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