Winner cashes $5 million lottery ticket after 7 years

$5 million lottery ticket

Sometimes good things truly come to those who wait, and Robert Miles is the living example of why you should never lose hope. Seven years ago he was deceived by the Ashkar brothers and had his $5 million lottery ticket stolen while provided with a puny compensation of $4000. Luckily for him, the authorities didn’t relent and mounted crushing evidence against the perpetrators while recovering the ticket.

Justice served after a seven year long wait

The stakes were as high as they get but the defendants had very few arguments in their favor and in the end the judge decided that Robert Miles was the rightful winner. While Askar is waiting for sentencing, Robert was confirmed as the winner and his $5 million lottery ticket validated, so it is only a matter of time until he will be credited the money. This brings us to another issue as many are wondering whether lottery officials will present him with a lump amount of the same size as the sum he would’ve received if claiming his ticket seven years ago, or one boosted by interest.

These technicalities are hardly on his mind, because even in the worst case scenario he will still receive more than 1000 times he initially got from Andy Ashkar. The perpetrator told him that he is only eligible for $5000 and gave him a net amount of $4000 with the rest claiming to be the store’s cut. Now he is looking at up to 25 years in prison, while Robert Miles patiently waits to receive the money and forget about this mess. Lottery officials reassured him that it is only a formality until he will receive the prize.

A rare opportunity for a dramatic change

Robert now works as a maintenance worker but seven years ago he was struggling with his cocaine addiction and this is one of the reasons for why the $5 million lottery ticket slipped through his fingers. The store owner had an easy task in deceiving him and Mr. Miles was worried that no one would believe his word over Ashkar’s. In 2008 he had to file for bankruptcy as he hit rock bottom, but now he should get ready to embrace a millionaire’s life.

Both the winner and the authorities were jubilant that justice was finally served after all this time, while the offender was sentenced to jail. It is entirely up to Robert to make the most of his $5 million lottery ticket while staying away from harmful temptations such as drugs. Enough time has passed for Miles to put things into perspective and seven years should’ve been enough to realize that he was walking down a path to perdition. The good news is that Robert stood drug-free for all these years, so the odds to stay clean and fully enjoy his money are in his favor.

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