Winning ticket holders claims Powerball lottery jackpot

Powerball lottery jackpot

The Powerball award worth has finally been claimed by a 33-year-old Hanford Vit plant worker.  The worker is delighted because he is going to pay off the bills which had accrued. The Kennewick man won a lottery $2 million in the Powerball game. Rodney went to claim the award on Monday to claim for the winning ticket.

The claims were to be made at the Washington lottery where the officials concerned with the tickets were to verify and start to process on the award.

Rodney Worthington had initially won 1$ million from the Powerball, he managed to double it after he purchased another ticket. He is a regular lotto player who was optimistic about winning the lottery. He emerged to be the first winner to win the option game since the rules of the game were changed in January.

The option game went for $ 2 to purchase the ticket. The news was aired to its players by the lottery institution on January 22.

The lotto ticket that won the July 7 draw was purchased at Kennewick’s Sam She, yet Worthington skipped reviews about the award going unclaimed.

He did not recognize his newly found money until he came back to the Western Tenth Road shop these previous few days with a co-worker.

“Every few days I shop and examine my passes,” Worthington said in the sweepstakes launch. “This time, I examined it, and a two with a ton of 0’s came up on the screen! I had to ask the employee to examine and make sure I was not visualizing factors.”

Worthington informed lottery authorities he will share this award with his sibling because he provided him the money to buy the lottery ticket. He also wishes to “buy a number of toys and games, for sure.”

Fred will obtain $10,000 for promoting the success of a winning ticket.


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