Woman wins TattsLotto twice by mistake


Perfect planning prevents pathetic performance, but not all mistakes have devastating effects, as one lucky woman from Melbourne can confirm. She’s a frequent TattsLotto player and she always plays the same numbers, as they have a special significance to her and her family. What usually happened is that the winner who chose to remain anonymous, bought the tickets a couple of days before the draw took place. This time she had other things on her mind and completely forgot about the previous purchase, so she rushed to the nearest convenience shop to buy what she thought to be the first and only ticket.

Two lottery prizes are better than one

If the Melbourne resident would’ve remembered about buying the ticket earlier that week, the lottery would have still made her $400,000 richer. Given the fact that she was struggling with a relatively high mortgage, even those money would’ve made a significant impact on her life. Fortunately for her, the passion for TattsLotto was not that high as to become her main concern and other things acted as a distraction. She didn’t realize that she bought two tickets instead of one, until a TattsLotto staff informed her about winning two prizes.

Lottery winners come from all the walks of life and have different expectations, but most of them share similar objectives and spend the money on similar things. A new house is always on the mind of major winners, but in this case the woman who scooped $835,000 has no intention to relocate into a larger house. She is more than happy with her current home and the only certainty is that she will use half of the amount to pay off her mortgage. She confessed that being debt-free is an amazing feeling, which allows her to focus on the important things in life and take it easy free of financial constraints.

TattsLotto awarded can prizes this week

The lottery has a unique structure and this week there were 10 winning divisions, with six of the lucky players being Victoria residents. The Melbourne woman was one of them and due to the fact that her memory played a trick on her, she became the biggest winner. While others would’ve been tempted by the prospect of becoming famous nationwide and even around the world, the woman chose not to disclose her identity. She wants to take it one step at a time and after paying the mortgage off, think about how to celebrate this remarkable victory against crushing odds.

What is known is that the winner bought the tickets from two distinct shops, so both of them will receive a small bonus payout. The woman is in her 30s and lives in Melbourne and when she was contacted by TattsLotto representatives she didn’t get overly excited, and worried mostly about being the victim of a prank. After overcoming the initial shock, she went on to break the news with her husband, but that’s the only detail that lottery staff was willing to share with the media.

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