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The World Lottery News is that lotteries are a great favorite on all the five continents. Here at we will provide you with the latest lottery news around the world.
Some general information about the top lotteries: In Europe, we have the biggest lottery in Spain called El Gordo or the fat one. World Lottery New says that it is very aptly named because the jackpot is really a fat one, two billion euros. In Italy the big lottery is the SuperEnaLotto. Somebody won more than 177 million euros in this lottery. Then a common lottery for the entire European Union is the Euromillions.
World Lottery News reports a roaring success for the lottery in South Africa. In Ireland the lottery is operated by An Post National Lottery. America, of course, has Powerball and Mega Millions. Lotteries are operated in China and India. Australia and Canada have their own versions. World Lottery News says that possibly there are as many lotteries as there are countries in the world.

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The World Lottery is a lottery, which is a hot favorite of all five continents of the World. The biggest lottery of Europe is in Spain and is called the ‘fat one’ or El Gordo. It is rightly named as the jackpot is worth 2 billion Euros. In America the most popular lotteries are Powerball and Mega million. In the Asian continent lotteries are operated in China and India. World Lottery News claims that the lotteries in South Africa are becoming very successful. Australia has its own versions of lotteries. Word has it that there are as many lotteries as the number of countries in the entire world.


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