About Us

About Us

I bet you are curious about who are those crazy people who stands behind this awesome site. Right? It`s time for Lottery Crunch to show his hand. We are the leading source of lottery news and information for the lotto players from all over the world, providing our visitors with competitive advantage. Our goal is to continuously find better ways to bridge distances and bring the world lotteries and lottery players together. The team of LotteryCrunch.com is nothing but addicted lottery players. While we like getting out of the office, we also like playing the world’s biggest and richest lotteries online. Here you will find our personal experience as well.

Ladies and Gentlemen, meat Jonathan White!

Johnathan White

Known around the mother ship, our chief editor gives a new meaning to the phrase “who’s the boss”. Jonathan floats the ship of LotteryCrunch.com in a very elegant way, and is the first line in the Internet lottery due diligence process.

Jonathan brings years of experience to the online and offline media, as he is a very talented freelance writer, as well as editor for various magazines throughout the Internet.

Jonathan White will be happy to answer any question or feedback you might have, he could be reached via jonathan(at)lotterycrunch.com. You can find him on as well.

Here comes Ben Imler

Ben Imler

Our author Ben is a very passionate about the lottery. His contribution to our website is invaluable. Ben is in charge of the US Lotteries and is a big enthusiast of the US jackpots & news. His favorite quote is: “Before that lottery ticket won the jackpot, someone had to buy it.”

Want to talk to Ben? It`s easy! Drop him a line to ben(at)lotterycrunch.com. Find Ben on Google+ and add him to circles.

There’s something about Marry

Marry Levental

Marry is our ray of light. She used to think that to write about the lottery is her real vocation. We can`t argue with her. Marry is a charming lady, pleasant in every way. Marry is in charge of the European Lotteries and she’s a big enthusiast of the UK jackpots & news.

Marry could be reached via marry(at)lotterycrunch.com. Feel free to follow her on .

Jeremy Rapaport is a real dreamer

Jeremy Rapaport

It`s good to be a dreamer actually! The world belongs to dreamers. But every medal has two sides. Jeremy is not only a dreamer, he is a very talented and hardworking writer. We are happy to have such a professional in our team. Jeremy is in charge of World lotteries news & jackpots.

Feel free to contact Jeremy via jeremy(at)lotterycrunch.com. Find him on Google+.

Joe Knapp is our brain

Joe Knapp

Like every one of us, Joe loves the lottery and everything about it. He plays it constantly. Sometimes he wins, sometimes he loses. No problem, it`s life. Joe is a professional writer and a valued member of our faithful team. We think that he is able to write about the rocket science as well. Smart guy!

Wanna talk about the rocket science? Send a message to Joe via joe(at)lotterycrunch.com. Talk to him on Google+.