The missing $1M lottery winner

Lottery winner misses out on £1 million jackpot

There are people who couldn’t take advantage of a favorable situation even when all it takes is to extend their arms and grab the benefits. Lottery players are trying their entire lives to beat the odds and win the jackpot, but many of them only achieve mediocre results and fail in the long run. This makes it even more surprising when a lottery winner throws it all away by not claiming his prize, before this eventually expires. This is exactly what recently happened when a EuroMillions Millionaire Raffle prize returns to the National Lottery, 180 days after the draw.

The authorities’ efforts were in vain

One might suspect that since the money is returned to the lottery, the representatives had no intention of finding the lottery winner. What actually happens is that they go out of their way and run extensive campaigns, in an attempt of finding who was the lucky one. This was the case with the EuroMillions Millionaire Raffle of £1 million which was won on July 27 and was about to expire.

The missing lottery winner had no less than six months to step forward and take what was rightfully his, but unfortunately for him he threw it all away. Lottery officials used the local and national media to help them spread the news but their efforts fell flat and the inevitable came to pass. The winner could have even stepped forward and inform the lottery that his ticket got lost or stolen, because this would have triggered an investigation. If the results were positive, the amount would’ve been credited to his account.

More money for the good causes

There is always an upside in any bad story and the million will not go to waste, but will help the nation instead of changing the life of one person. While this is not the purpose of the National Lottery, it is refreshing to know that if the lottery winner doesn’t do anything before the prize expires, the money is donated to charity. There are many ways in which the cash can be spent by nonprofit foundations and with up to 28% of the money collected by selling tickets being donated, there is plenty to go around.

This million would only add to the 29 billion that the National Lottery has already directed to good causes, with arts, sports and heritage being among the beneficiaries. For the sake of the lottery winner who failed to claim his money, it would be better if he never finds out about what really happened. One can only imagine the despair and deep sadness caused by the finding of the lost tickets many months after the deadline expired.

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