Canadian woman wins $40 more than expected

Canadian woman wins

To win the lottery is perhaps the most pleasant surprise that one can experience, but for a Canadian woman the excitement was twice as high. The Toronto resident bought a Lotto Max ticket and she assumed that she won a cool amount of $40,000, when in fact her good fortune was considerably larger. It was her daughter that brought the good news by informing the mother that she was in fact one of the latest millionaires. Maria Carreiro has scooped a jackpot of $40 million and was not even aware of her luck.

Winning is all that matters

People play the lottery with the faint hope that maybe one day they’ll strike lucky and become a millionaire, but this is not what keeps them playing week after week. The odds are stacked against them and the chances to win the jackpot are slim, but many regard the voyage to be as exciting as the destination. The idea of winning a prize, any prize, is what drives lottery players and this is how Maria Carreiro’s reaction and misunderstanding can be easily explained.

The Canadian woman was thrilled with the prospect of winning $40,000, an amount that without being a life changer would’ve been enough to improve quality of life. Any amount is welcome when it comes in the form of a lottery prize, and some people don’t need millions to be happy, as they can celebrate any prize. Naturally, when her daughter told her that she won 1000 times more than she thought she did, Maria Carreiro was overwhelmed by joy and ran all the way to the lottery store and back home.

The Hawaiian honeymoon is now possible

Maria Carreiro has been married for 30 years but she had to postpone her dream honeymoon to Hawaii, because money was always in short supply. She is now 51 years old and has grandchildren, but she says that it is never too late to fulfill a dream and that’s the first destination she will embark on. She and her husband will soon depart for the sunny islands of Hawaii, as the lucky couple collected the money on Monday. For the lottery winner’s family comes first, and the first evening after becoming a millionaire was spent at a local restaurant where Maria took those closest to her out for dinner.

The future looks bright for the former factory worker as neither she nor her husband will be working anymore, but sit back and enjoy the little things in life. Her husband called his boss on Saturday and casually informed him that he quits, something that most lottery winners and their spouses do after collecting the price. It is only natural for people to quit their jobs after becoming millionaires, especially when these positions don’t give them personal satisfaction and are nothing more than a source of income.

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