No Jackpot winner for the $90 Million Powerball lottery draw

The Powerball winning lotto number results are finally out for the Saturday draw. The lottery draw results were made official when they were broadcasted on the news at late night. The latest winning numbers were locally shown in Virginia CBS station, Roanoke during the late night news.

From the Powerball website: the, the grand prize of the Saturday draw had a value of an estimate of $ 90 million. On the other hand the cash value that was estimated to $ 60.3 million. The prize to be won has increased recently because there was no winner that had matched the winning numbers in the Wednesday draw. This led to the roll-over to the Saturday game.

The winning numbers in the Saturday draw were 4, 16, 32, 37, and 46. These were the exemplary numbers required to be provided no forgetting the one of the influential numbers i.e. The Powerball number of 13. The six figures were the one required for one to hit the jackpot. So far no claims have been brought forwards to claiming the grand prize. Not only has the jackpot been to be won during the draws there are other fabulous prizes. This are as a result of one being able to match only few numbers. The prize ranges from $ 1 million to $ 4 million. That is quite a considerable amount

During the week the next draw will be held on July 18 on a Wednesday. If no claims will be made from the Saturdays draw, there will be a roll-over. This implies that the award for the jackpot prize will be even higher that it was.


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