Lottery winner’s murder remains unsolved

Lottery winner`s murder remains unsolved

Tragedy is not very often associated with winning the lottery, as many players turn their lives around and enjoy all the things that they have previously been deprived of. A lottery winner’s murder is an even less frequent event, but unfortunately such a tragedy has recently occurred and the authorities are trying to figure who is responsible. A Chicago businessman was the unfortunate victim and although initially the authorities dismissed the case as a natural death, they eventually ruled it as a homicide by poisoning.

Death by cyanide poisoning

The lottery winner’s murder happened before he got the chance to claim the $425,000 that Urooj Khan was entitled to. Everything seems to be going his way, but unfortunately for the winner he felt sick immediately after having dinner with his family, which raises a lot of questions. Things are further aggravated by the fact that a relative was the one to raise the alarm flags by asking the authorities to double check for poisoning.

The lottery winner’s murder is so far unsolved and the police is yet to name a suspect, although Khan’s brother has already named two of potential murders. Imtiaz Khan accuses the winner’s wife and father-in-law for poisoning him, after he allegedly overheard the conversation between the two of them. He says that they were claiming that the winning ticket was rightfully theirs, and that they even had the plan of recovering it. The authorities are interviewing all potential suspects, and his wife is among them.

The absence of a will complicates matters

The lottery winner’s murder is not only a calls of personal tragedy, but there are many financial issues that need to be solved right away. He was also a successful businessman and his estimated worth is in excess of $1 million, which means that his family is fighting now for a significant estate. Khan had a daughter from a previous marriage who is entitled to share the inheritance with his wife. If the authorities prove that the wife was responsible for murdering him, then she will be stripped of any legacy.

Right now the winning ticket was frozen by court order, which means that nobody can claim the money and use it in any way. The investigation is still pending and for as long as the lottery winner’s murder remains unsolved, neither his wife, nor his brother or daughter will receive anything. The stakes couldn’t be higher and all of the involved parties claim that they are simply trying to unveil the truth and bring the perpetrators to justice. For the time being the wife is in charge of the estate yet she has limited rights to administer it, but everything can change dramatically depending on what the police discovers.

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