A man returned a roll of unused lottery tickets

Lottery tickets

The most straightforward way of winning the jackpot is by simply buying lottery tickets and hoping for the lucky numbers to be drawn. Some people go to extremes and instead of paying the fair amount, they prefer to steal lottery tickets, but there are also people who do the exact opposite. Dennis Garcia did the right thing when he passed on over 150 free chances to win the jackpot, by returning a roll of tickets to the nearest Fountain Valley 7-Eleven.

Good Samaritans are among us

It is only fair to assume that other people would have grabbed the opportunity and chose to wait for the draw to see if the lottery tickets were winning ones or not. Even if their expectations would’ve been proven right, they wouldn’t receive a dime because the tickets were stolen and flagged accordingly. This doesn’t mean that there are no ways of profiting from them, because selling lottery tickets on the black market is not something particularly difficult to do.

Dennis Garcia had no intention to do so, and when the 57-year-old bus driver discovered the roll of tickets he knew that something was wrong. It made perfect sense for him to return what appeared to be stolen lottery tickets, and after discussing with a friend, he chose to return them to Kumar’s 7-Eleven at Bushard. From this point onwards, lottery officials took charge and a representative arrived in less than an hour to collect the roll of lottery tickets.

A symbolically work for the bus driver

Lottery officials claim that these sorts of incidents are very rare, as the number of wrongdoers targeting lottery stores is relatively low. This doesn’t mean that his gesture of goodwill went unnoticed, or that it wasn’t appreciated. In fact, a spokesman for California lottery personally thanked the bus driver for his action. In return for doing the right thing, Dennis was awarded a gift basket of lottery tickets, while the ones that he found and returned were destroyed.

As for Mr. Garcia, he thought that these events bear some significance, and he chose not to miss out on the opportunity of purchasing some quick pick lottery tickets. Now he is waiting for the draw to take place, and fortunately his good deed will be rewarded by matching a couple of lucky numbers. Things would’ve been much complicated for him if he chose to keep the tickets, especially if one or more of them would’ve proven to be the lucky ones. Fortunately, he did the right thing by returning them and his actions can serve as a source of inspiration for other people who might find themselves in similar situations.

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