Luckiest lady in the world, winning major lottery prize four times!

Luckiest Lady

World Lottery News has discovered the luckiest lady in the world is Joan Ginther. She has won a major lottery prize four times. The chances of that happening to anyone else in the world are one in 200 million. This Texas lady has won a total of 20 million dollars in prize money.

Some guys are born winners and others seem to have holes in their pockets. World Lottery News has figured out that if you win the 100 million pounds EuroMillions Jackpot, you will have a tough time spending the money. The Jackpot will earn you five million pounds in interest per year and that would mean you would have to spend at least 13500 pounds a day just to finish the interest money. Huntington Hartford II the heir to the A&P grocery chain might have liked to have a try at dissipating this fortune. He would not be so successful this time.

That reminds World Lottery News about a guy who won a lottery and went rather overboard. We are talking about Bill Helko. He saw that he had the winning numbers in a lottery worth 412,000 dollars so he immediately went ahead and bought an expensive car, took a trip to Hawaii and had a great dinner at a Hollywood restaurant with his family only to discover that he had just won $45. So do check your prize money before you start spending is the advice from World Lottery News.


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