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$126M Mega Millions Jackpot Winner Is Now All Set to Live Life King Size!

The $126 Million Mega Millions Jackpot Winner Tammy Pratt The Sullivan County seems to be the favorite place of the Lady Luck because in the past two months, Tammy Pratt is another resident to have hit the Mega Millions Jackpot for a whopping $126 million! Originally from South Fallsburg, Tammy Pratt won the Mega Millions […]

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Lotto Max Jackpot Crowned a Ritchie Couple Winners of a Whopping $30 Million!

Happy Thanksgiving of the Ritchie Couple Thanksgiving was a tremendously happy holiday for this Ritchie couple because they, out of millions of people, won a staggering amount of $30 million from playing the Lotto Max jackpot. According to some sources, the odds of winning the Lotto Max jackpot are even worse, worse than Powerball! For […]

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Roy Cockrum Crowned The Newest Powerball Jackpot Winner, Taking Home a Solid $259.8 Million!

Check Out Some Hilarious Comments From Other People Around The World! What would you do if you suddenly won $259.8 million? Scream? Run around? Buy things like there’s no tomorrow? Smoke weed like no-one’s business? I hear you! Most people buy holiday packages, fleets of cars, rows of houses, designer underwear, water buffalos, a piece […]

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Daniel Stojak Wins Illinois Lottery Jackpot on April Fool’s Day!

On the 1st of April 2014, 77-year old Shirley Stojak bought a $10 scratch-off Illinois lottery jackpot ticket from Jewel Osco in Niles, where she worked as a cashier for nearly 15 years, for her son Daniel Stojak. Daniel constantly requested his mother to buy him tickets because he considered her to be very lucky […]

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California – Home to the $425 Million Powerball Winner

Those darn Californians! After just joining the Powerball game in April of 2013 they already have their first big time winner after a ticket sold in Northern California was stamped as a $425 million winner. California became the 43rd state to join the Powerball and with a large population have quickly contributed to making jackpots […]

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Calgary winner donates the entire $40 million Lotto Max jackpot

When interviewed, many lottery players claim that in the unlikely event that they win a jackpot, they will donate a part of the money to the less fortunate. Few players stand by their word when they actually win and in the overwhelming majority of cases, they only give away an insignificant percentage. That’s what makes […]

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Lotto Max jackpot won by a North York resident

Lottery officials instruct players to always sign their winning tickets even if they don’t intend to cash them right away. Many of those who play Lotto Max take their time before claiming the prize, trying to come up with a solid plan to manage their newfound wealth. Vincent (Tony) Charlemagne won the lottery in August, […]

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SuperLotto Plus winner claims his prize

When the winning lottery ticket for the SuperLotto Plus was purchased in San Diego two months ago, the media was buzzing with enthusiasm. They expected the winner to step forward in the next couple days to claim his prize, as the amount was a staggering $11 million. August passed without the winner showing any intentions […]

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Syndicate wins £500k UK Thunderball jackpot

The story of the Penzance Co-op syndicate that won the most recent UK Thunderball jackpot is not very impressive if we strictly consider the sheer amount won. The 16 staff members won a total of £500,000, which means that each of them will receive slightly above £31,000, hardly a life-changing amount. What makes this case […]

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Lucky Friday 13th for New York Lottery player

The vast majority of those who win the New York Lottery are people who purchase tickets on a regular basis, which makes perfect sense. The only reasonable way of increasing your chances to win is by playing often, but then again there are exceptions to the rule. Julie Hemstreet is a shining example of why […]

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