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Tonight’s EuroMillions jackpot Prize estimated to be at €72 Million

Lottery officials estimate that the Jackpot prize for the mid week EuroMillions lottery draw will be at 72 Million pounds. The current jackpot prize is an accumulative of the last six lottery draws that have failed to match the elusive EuroMillions winning numbers. All the eyes will be on tonight’s draw as players keep their […]

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£856,000 National Lottery prize remains uncollected

The National Lottery reports that a £856,000 lottery prize remains uncollected after it was won about a fortnight ago. The national lottery is urging lottery players to check and recheck their lottery tickets and the winning ticket holder to come forward to claim the prize. The winning ticket matched all the winning numbers from a […]

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Lottery Ticket Misprint Frustrates Lottery Player

The feeling of ecstasy that lottery players get after winning from a lottery game is hard to describe. This explains the feelings of utter disgust a Massachusetts lottery player had after he found a scratch off lottery ticket is valueless as it was a case of a lottery ticket misprint. To add insult to the […]

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Camelot to make Eighteen Lottery Millionaires on May 18

This Fridays EuroMillions lottery will be out of the ordinary. Camelot will hold a special EuroMillions raffle draw that guarantees to make 18 lottery players millionaires. The Euromilllions raffle is an extension of the EuroMillions lottery that is exclusive to UK Lottery players. Usually the EuroMillions raffle guarantees to make two players win a million […]

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Mystery Oz Lotto Jackpot Winner yet to claim prize

The Oz Lotto jackpot winner from the Tuesday draw is yet to come forward and claim their $25 Million share of the Oz lotto jackpot. Lottery fever to the epic draw was high and it is puzzling that a player could be unknowingly sitting on the Multi Million winning lottery ticket. According the Oz Lotto […]

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Spanish Player wins the £36 Million EuroMillions Jackpot Prize

After a series of three rollovers, the EuroMillions lottery finally has a jackpot winner. Unlike in past draws where the jackpot prize went to UK players, this time round a Spanish player was lucky to match all the winning numbers and walked home with the £36 Million jackpot. The winning numbers from the draw were […]

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Convenience stores hamper plans for New York online ticket sales

In the recent months, the New York state lottery has been laying out plans for the roll out of online lottery. The clarification of the wire act had made it legal for the state lottery to sell its lottery tickets online. Although, the benefits of online lottery exceeded the costs, some lottery skeptics were opposed […]

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Five players win €125,000 in the SuperEnaLotto draw

Five players matched five SuperEnaLotto winning numbers and they each walked home with the second tier prize of €125,000. It is an anticipated draw as a jackpot prize of 86.5 Million Euros was at stake. The Italian players played in large numbers, but no one was lucky enough to match all the winning numbers and […]

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A Double RollOver for the EuroMillions Jackpot Draw

For two consecutive draws, EuroMillions players have failed to match the illusive EuroMillions winning numbers. It is for this reason that tonight’s EuroMillions draw will is estimated to be worth €32 million. EuroMillions players will have a keep their fingers crossed and hope that tonight’s draw will make someone thirty two million Euros richer. The […]

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Clock Ticking For Mysterious National Lottery Winner

Most people play the lottery with a hope that they will hit the jackpot. Avid lottery players will stay glued to their television sets hoping the ticket in their hands is the winning one. In an Ironical twist, a national lottery winner is yet to come forward to claim the prize. By the way, we […]

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