Convenience stores hamper plans for New York online ticket sales

New York Lottery

In the recent months, the New York state lottery has been laying out plans for the roll out of online lottery. The clarification of the wire act had made it legal for the state lottery to sell its lottery tickets online. Although, the benefits of online lottery exceeded the costs, some lottery skeptics were opposed to the move arguing that online lottery could fuel gambling addiction to the state.

In a recent move to join the lottery skeptics, the New York Association of convenience stores has come out and officially released a statement opposing the move for online lottery ticket sales. In the statement, the lobby group lamented that lottery ticket sales were a critical driving force of sales for their business. They oppose the move to statistics that show lottery tickets buyers tend to spend more on other purchases compared to the non-lottery tickets buyers.

The Association’s president, Jim Calvin presented the statement to the New York state governor Andrew Cuomo. The governor assured that the association that their concerns will be dealt upon and plans for the roll out of the online lottery will not proceed until a further study on the matter is carried out.

The state lottery officials echoed the same remarks and assured the lobby group that they will ensure that they consider their interests while planning for the online lottery ticket sales.

The trends to allow US citizens play lottery online started after the Illinois State become the first to offers its residents online lottery tickets. The New York lottery players will have to keep their fingers crossed and hope that the online lottery plans go through.


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