Muscatine man sentenced for lottery ticket fraud

Lottery ticket fraud

Winning the lottery is a dream that many people share, but the path they choose towards making the dream come true vary quite a bit. Most of them are walking down the more traveled path and purchase lottery tickets, waiting for lady luck to smile down on them with benevolence. Others weave complicated strategies to beat the odds and watch every single draw to determine which are the hot and cold numbers. A select category goes to extremes and considers fraud as a solution of last resort, but very few are so stupid as to steal lottery tickets that are not proven winners. This is what Christopher Gesualdo did.

A not so brilliant plan

The 23 year old didn’t like the idea of buying tickets and the simple prospect of wasting time trying to find a winning system was out of discussion. While he might have ben right about the fact that there is no such thing as a sure-fire strategy to win at lottery, his approach was arguably the worst possible. He chose to look around him and grab the tickets he was supposed to be selling to customers, and then patiently waited for the lucky numbers to be drawn.

With this not so brilliant plan in mind he took action and when he got the chance of stealing the tickets had no hesitations. Naturally he was caught well before the actual draws took place and didn’t even get the chance to see whether his numbers were the lucky ones or not. On August 31, 2012 Christopher Gesualdo went to trial and for the first time in a long period of time he did the right thing and pleaded guilty at the Muscatine County District Court.

Plenty of time to think things over

The community was not really shocked about his act, still the local newspapers covered the subject due to the fact that the stupidity of his actions was stunning. Christopher Gesualdo hit two birds with one stone but for all the wrong reasons, because this fraud attempt caused him to also break the terms of probation he was serving for sexual abuse. For someone with such a record, this kind of recklessness is even more surprising, but with two concurrent prison sentences under his belt he has plenty of time to think it over.

Basically, Gesualdo will serve ten years for sexual abuse and another five for theft, which means that for the remote chance to win the lottery he will spend no less than 15 years in jail. The sentence was given on October 12 after an investigation that was conducted by the Muscatine Police Department. With one bad guy taken off the streets, honest citizens should feel safer while trying to win the jackpot honestly.


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