101 million won in Friday`s EuroMillions draw

Euromillions player won €101 million this Friday

Since 1994, the EuroMillions has made countless millionaires but it was always around Christmas when the lottery awarded the largest prizes. One of the reasons is that a special Millionaire Raffle draw is held on Christmas Day and one week later, awarding 25 prizes worth one million pounds each. Another way to explain the higher than average gains is that people are more hopeful around Christmas and play in higher numbers. Regardless of the arguments and explanations, what is certain is that Friday`s EuroMillions draw confirmed the rule and made another player filthy reach.

101 reasons to smile this Christmas

The odds of winning the EuroMillions are not great, since players have to correctly indicate five numbers and two lucky stars. Given the high prizes it offers nobody complains though and twice a week, players from all over the continent are purchasing tickets. In anticipation of the Friday’s draw, the number of bought tickets was higher than the average, not to mention that the jackpot was rolled over after the previous draw. The wheels were set in motion for somebody to win the jackpot.

A grand prize of 101 million Euros was won by a lucky player who matched the 5 numbers 3, 5, 22, 40 and 42 plus the lucky stars 3 and 10. This jackpot is not a Euromillions record, but still a major amount that greatly exceeds most of the similar prizes awarded by other lotteries. When the jackpot is not won, it is rolled over for the next draw and the amounts increase quickly, but can’t exceed 190 million Euros.

Not to frown upon second tier prizes

Everyone talks about the jackpot and it is easy to overlook lower tier prizes, but on Friday 21st, there were quite a few players who will never forget them. Matching five numbers and a star made 11 people the winners of a €215,116 while those who failed to match the lucky star had to settle for an amount of €39,438. Prizes are also awarded to those who match four numbers with or without lucky stars or three numbers with one or two lucky stars.

Consolation prizes are also in order and over three million players were presented with a couple of pounds for matching two numbers, with and without the lucky star. Next in line is the Christmas draw and most of those who purchase tickets for it will probably spend the extra pound for a Millionaire Raffle. There is still one week left of 2012 and it is never too late for winning the lottery, so it should come as no surprise if the next draws will award similarly high prizes.


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