Spanish Player wins the £36 Million EuroMillions Jackpot Prize

The Euro Millions Lottery

After a series of three rollovers, the EuroMillions lottery finally has a jackpot winner. Unlike in past draws where the jackpot prize went to UK players, this time round a Spanish player was lucky to match all the winning numbers and walked home with the £36 Million jackpot. The winning numbers from the draw were 20-27-30-36-43 while the lucky star numbers were 1 and 6.

Apart from the jackpot winner, another 2.6 Million players won prizes from the Tuesday’s draw. There were four second tier prize winners who each won £311,562.A total of 1.5 Million players matched two of the winning numbers with each winning £3.10.

Last week win makes it the 49th time Spain has won a EuroMillions jackpot. This makes their total percentage of jackpot wins to be 22%. The last time a Spanish player matched the EuroMillions winning numbers was on 16 December 2011 when a player won €46,576,447.00.

With last week’s winning, the EuroMillions jackpot has gone to gone back to the basic prize of £12 Million. The next jackpot is scheduled for today and players can buy EuroMillions lottery tickets online to participate in the forthcoming draw.

Onto other news, the Mega Millions lottery jackpot is at $102,000,000 lottery players will have to keep their fingers crossed and hope that tonight’s draw will yield a jackpot winner. This is the first time for the Mega Millions jackpot prize to surpass the 100 million mark ever since the astronomical $656 Million jackpot in late march.


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