Is there any way of finding the most popular winning numbers

Florida Lotto

Both Powerball as well as Florida Lotto did not find any taker for their much coveted jackpots on their Saturday’s draw. None of the tickets which were bought of the Florida Lotto matched the six drawn numbers on Saturday making the jackpot roll over to Wednesday’s draw. The amount of the jackpot for Wednesday’s draw would now be $12 million.

The numbers which were drawn on Saturday in Florida Lotto were 4, 14, 17, 37, 42 & 50. Three tickets matched the first five drawn numbers & won $5061.50 each, while 2,127 tickets could match the first four drawn numbers & each of them bagged a winning amount of $65.50 each. 45,686 tickets matched the first three drawn numbers & went home with $5 each.

The story was similar in the Powerball draw of Saturday as well. None of the tickets which were sold could match all the six drawn numbers to win the heavy Powerball jackpot. Players matching all the six numbers would have won a whopping $36 million on Saturday. Now this amount rolls over to Wednesday’s draw & the jackpot at stake on Wednesday would now be $48 million.

The numbers which were drawn on Saturday in Powerball were 12, 21, 22, 38 & 41. The Powerball number was 18 & the Powerplay number drawn was 2. Four tickets could match the first five numbers & each of them won $200,000. These tickets were sold in Louisiana, Ohio, Indiana & Kansas.


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