Three Winners split the $75M Oz Lotto Jackpot

Three Winners split the $75 Million Oz Lotto Jackpot

After a series of rollovers that led to the astronomical 75 Million dollar Oz Lotto jackpot draw, the popular lottery finally yielded not one but three jackpot winners. Each of the winners will be entitled to an equal share of $24.9 million of the lottery jackpot. None of the jackpot winners had stepped forward and claimed the price by the time of writing this article.

The winning numbers that made the players millionaires were 17-8-28-34-41-42-6 while the bonus numbers were 4 and 19. Millions of Australians played the for the epic jackpot prize as the lottery agents saw long queues of enthusiastic lottery players. Tatts, the Australian lottery agency estimate that lottery players purchased more that 7.5 million lottery tickets to the run up of the draw.

The 75 million dollar jackpot was part of a staggering $110 million that Tatts set aside for the lottery prizes. Apart from the jackpot prize winners, the rest of the lottery players won an accumulative total of $2.2 million. For the players who could not get their hands on the coveted jackpot, they still have a chance of winning big in the OZ lotto.

There will be a $20 Million Powerball jackpot draw and Wednesday and another $20 Million dollars in the Super draw slated for Saturday.  For those seeking to try their luck elsewhere, there are two excellent options for that.

The SuperEnalotto jackpot is at €91,700,000 and the draw is slated for tomorrow. The other option is playing the Powerball lottery whose jackpot prize is at $70,000,000 and the draw is slated for tonight.


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