Powerball lottery jackpot reaches $200 million for only the second time in the past year.

Powerball lottery jackpot

Yesterday nobody could match all the six Powerball number to win the jackpot making the jackpot increase to $200 million for Wednesday’s draw. Saturday was the 10th consecutive day when no one could win the jackpot. This is the highest amount which will be on offer on a Powerball jackpot in the last one year. The last time a Powerball ticket won a jackpot over $200 million was on 6th April this year. A jackpot ticket sold in Indiana bagged a whopping $218 million by matching all the six drawn numbers. If someone is able to bag this jackpot on Wednesday, it would surely make him one happy winner not just because of the money, but also because it would place him on the record books as far as Powerball is concerned.

The Powerball winning numbers for Saturday’s draw was 12, 20, 43, 51, & 55. The Powerball number was 11 & the Powerplay number was 4.

Although no one could win the big prize on offer, there were winners all right. Five lucky tickets matched the first five numbers to win $200,000 each. The tickets were from Florida (1), Maryland (1), North Carolina (2), & Texas (1). Since none of these tickets had the Powerplay option, they missed the chance of winning $1 million.

Other 48 numbers match four white numbers plus the Powerball to win $10,000 each. Two of those 48 tickets were purchased with the Powerplay option taking their Prize tally to $40,000 each.

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