Record broken in Carolina Cash 5 jackpot

Carolina Cash 5 jackpot

When it comes to lottery jackpots, the first impulse is to think about the Mega Millions or Powerball if you are an American player, or the EuroMillions if your allegiance lies with the old continent. This doesn’t mean that records can’t be shattered in relatively obscure games such as the Carolina Cash 5 jackpot. A local farmer from Zebulon proved the critics wrong when he scooped a prize worth $1.1 million in the aforementioned lottery. It is not only a new record for the game, but also a remarkable personal accomplishment for someone who had won the Cash 5 jackpot before.

Unlike lightning, luck can strike twice in the same place

Words are hardly necessary when someone achieves what is theoretically impossible and wins a jackpot in the same lottery twice. It is not like Mr. Homer Buffaloe uses some advanced lottery software or that he tries to predict the winning numbers by resorting to intricate algorithms. All that the farmer did was to play the game for fun and miss very few draws, although he didn’t purchase a high number of tickets in any of the draws.

The first time home won the jackpot in November 2010 he had to split it with another player, but even so he got in excess of $400k which is a significant amount in his line of work. This unexpected profit didn’t cause him to lose focus and after celebrating his victory with those dear to him, he returned to the job that he was better at. It is very unlikely for him to retire now even though the net amount that he will receive is a massive $778,479 after all federal and state taxes are paid. Homer Buffaloe remains optimistic about what the future will bring, but he knows better than to take the good fortune for granted and splash out.

Beating seemingly insurmountable odds

Essentially his entire strategy is reduced to enjoying the lottery and staying positive about his chances to win a prize, as he confessed that each time he bought a ticket he expected it to turn into a winner. The odds were clearly stacked against him to win even once, and most players don’t even dare to hope that one day they might win the jackpot. Even in a relatively small lottery such as the Carolina Cash 5, the odds to win the big prize are only 1 in 575,757.

On Sunday he had 24, 26, 30, 32 and 33 inscribed on his lottery ticket that he purchased from a One Stop Shop located at the crossroad of Fowler and Mitchell Mill roads. By winning for the second time, Homer Buffaloe becomes the new record holder for Carolina Cash 5 lottery, after he surpassed the previous jackpot by more than two hundred thousand dollars.

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