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Can’t Win the Lottery? A Dead Person May Have Better Luck Than You!

What are the odds of a dead person winning the lottery? Zero, you may say? You’re wrong! Actually, dead people have bin winning the lottery all over the place in New Jersey. Now sit down and relax, your theory that paranormal activity does exist isn’t being proven by this article. We’re simply speaking about a […]

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A Woman from Montgomery Wins Florida Lotto Jackpot for a Solid $48 Million!

Winning Florida Lotto for a Whopping $48 Million The 64-year old Carolyn Bell, who was recently crowned the newest millionaire of the Florida Lotto draw held on the 19th of November 2014, said that she plays her lucky numbers every time she visits Florida! Her strategy of playing the same numbers paid off as she […]

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EuroMillions Jackpot Crowned Winner But Judge Mark Gosnell Had Other Plans!

EuroMillions Jackpot Split between Boss and His Waiter Fatih Ozcan waited tables at the Kapadokya Turkish restaurant in York, but one thing always occupied his mind – the thought of winning a lottery so he could be financially stable for the rest of his life. He didn’t know that the very next day he would […]

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EuroMillions Jackpot Finally Claimed By a British for a Jaw Dropping £73 Million

It’s Raining EuroMillions Jackpot for The Lucky Brit The EuroMillions jackpot ticket that was purchased on Friday the 2nd May 2014 resulted in massive wins for one lucky English man who failed to claim his fortune of jaw-dropping £73 million – making the lucky lottery winner richer than UK’s wealthiest sportsman Lewis Hamilton and level […]

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Neil Trotter: Car Enthusiast and Now Multimillionaire after EuroMillions Win

An interesting story hit the news waves recently as a South London man took home the National Lottery’s fourth biggest jackpot ever. Neil Trotter – a mechanic and car enthusiast – took home a check equaling out to about 107.9 million pounds while playing the EuroMillions Lucky Dip. He purchased the ticket from a Londis […]

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New Jersey Couple Claims $12.8 Million in NJ Lottery Pick 6

While the Northeast of the US hasn’t had too much to celebrate over the first couple months of the last few months due to an extreme winter terrorizing the region, Janine and John Glasheen are certainly the exception to that rule. The couple recently claimed a $12.8 Million jackpot that was actually played late in […]

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El Gordo de Navidad 2013 winners take it to the streets

The moment that all lottery players in Spain have been anxiously waiting for has come, as the El Gordo de Navidad 2013 announced its winners. This is the largest lottery in the world in terms of prize pool, and even though it follows a slightly different format compared to its American counterparts, it generates more […]

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Lucky player wins Michigan Lottery twice

Lotteries nationwide are happy to share with prospective players those few success stories that might provide them with the impetus to purchase tickets. Normally they highlight the achievements of regular players who invested the minimal amount only to become millionaires overnight. There are not many of them and there are even a few who can […]

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Never too late to win the Washington Lotto

A lottery player from Mercer Island who recently turned 87, became the latest winner of the Washington Lotto and took home a total amount of $1.6 million. The lottery jackpot exceeded $2 million, but not surprisingly, the elderly citizen chose the cash option and as a result the prize was reduced to this amount. This […]

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Mysterious Maryland player wins the Mega Millions jackpot

Maryland state lottery doesn’t miss any opportunity of spreading the good news and this week it had plenty of information to disclose to the media. One important piece of the puzzle is still missing, because while lottery representatives know that a Mega Millions jackpot ticket was sold within state borders, they have no clue whom […]

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