Neil Trotter: Car Enthusiast and Now Multimillionaire after EuroMillions Win

EuroMillions Jackpot Winner

An interesting story hit the news waves recently as a South London man took home the National Lottery’s fourth biggest jackpot ever. Neil Trotter – a mechanic and car enthusiast – took home a check equaling out to about 107.9 million pounds while playing the EuroMillions Lucky Dip. He purchased the ticket from a Londis store in South London.

Tomorrow I’ll be a Millionaire

Trotter, oddly enough, was quite confident that this was going to be a big win for him. He spent his lunchtime the previous day at his father’s office and proclaimed to the staff that “this time tomorrow” he would be a millionaire.

His claim came true that night after checking his winning numbers at about 22:30 GMT. The winning numbers were 6, 24, 25, 27, 30 and Lucky Stars 5 and 9.

Trotter understandably claimed to have a tough time sleeping overnight before calling Camelot first thing in the morning to let them know he was the winner. He and Nicky said that they did not fall asleep until 3:00 GMT and had quite a restless sleep at that.

Nicky Ottaway, 33, is Trotter’s partner and didn’t believe he had won. “I told Nicky, my partner, ‘I’ve done it, I’ve won the lottery.’ But she just told me to shut up and stop being stupid.”

Trotter’s father had a similar reaction: “We called my dad and he said I was being an idiot too. It took him a while to realize we were serious. My dad’s not often at a loss for words, but he was on Friday night.”

Trotter plans to use the money to follow through with his passion for cars and racing. He said he plans to retire as a mechanic and take some time off to follow the British Touring Car Championships. He also claimed that he will use the money to purchase a nice little group of supercars that he can enjoy, saying, “I’m going to need a lot more garage space at the new house.”

Trotter actually came in sixth place last year as a rookie at the BMW Compact Cup.

He mentioned that he wouldn’t mind doing a little more racing, “It’s my passion and I wouldn’t mind a guest driver slot if I can find the right car.”

Ex Lover Comes Forward. Not Surprising, Right?

There was recently a story that came out from a woman claiming to be an ex lover of Trotter. Maxine Murray, a 43 year old from West Sussex, claimed that the two had a baby together that passed away at only nine months old.

The couple had broken up back in 1992 when she was pregnant with the couple’s child. Murray claims that Trotter never got the opportunity to see their child, whose name was Jamie. The story has not been confirmed by Trotter as he refused to comment on the issue.

As it stands, Trotter’s win ranks him as the 745th richest person in the UK. He’s ready to use his fortune and follow his passion for cars and racing.

“Being Trotters, we knew we were going to be millionaires one day,” claimed Trotter.

I’m sure we all wish we could be that confident about our chances at hitting it big.


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