A Woman from Montgomery Wins Florida Lotto Jackpot for a Solid $48 Million!

Florida Lotto winner

Winning Florida Lotto for a Whopping $48 Million

The 64-year old Carolyn Bell, who was recently crowned the newest millionaire of the Florida Lotto draw held on the 19th of November 2014, said that she plays her lucky numbers every time she visits Florida! Her strategy of playing the same numbers paid off as she won a staggering amount of $48 million in the Florida Lotto draw, the largest jackpot won this year!

She decided to receive a lump-sum amount of a whopping $32,609,501.60! The numbers she has always played with and those that gave her the winning jackpot were, 13, 16, 17, 26, 39, and 41, and 3. She was quoted saying,

“I play with the hopes of winning, but never think it is actually going to happen. All I could say was ‘Wow!’ when I realized my numbers were finally chosen.”

Yeah, definitely wow. I guess I have to wait until I’m that old to win the jackpot, so all I can do with my money is buy medicines.

The lucky Florida Lotto ticket was purchased at Stateline Liquors located at 1065 Highway 179 A in Westville. The store will also be celebrating as they will receive a bonus commission of a solid $210,000 for selling the jackpot winning ticket. Carolyn and her husband think that since they’ve become millionaires they will retire, but they have no plans of changing their current lifestyle. Yes, that’s what they all say and then it starts with an automated massage machine, an automatic coffee maker, a spa… and the list goes on… and on… until they finally have a house big enough to fill an entire village. But we’ll see, maybe Carolyn is different!

House Minority Leader for Alabama, Craig Ford said,

“Congratulations to the winner locally. That money, hopefully, will be spent here in the state of Alabama. Good for her. We all know it’s a long shot to win the lottery, but people are going to play it regardless of how they feel so we might as well keep our own money in our own state.”

Well, good luck to Carolyn and her husband! May the newfound richness give you happiness, sanity and endurance! Trust me, you’ll need it, more than ever!


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